The Inland Empire Fatherhood Involvement Coalition (IEFIC), a program of the Children’s Network, recently hosted a noteworthy event on May 1, welcoming Tammy and Jay S. Daughtry from CoParenting International. Their workshop, titled “One Heart, Two Homes: Co-Parent Training for Leaders,” aimed to equip service providers with the skills needed to assist parents and children in navigating the complexities of life after divorce.

The event drew participation from 15 various county and non-county organizations, including Children and Family Services (CFS), Child Support Services, First 5 San Bernardino, San Bernardino County Unified School District and many more.

The training utilized diverse educational methods, including training videos, simulated activities and discussions. These interactive sessions provided attendees with insights into the experiences and challenges faced by both parents and children post-divorce.

Tammy Daughtry emphasized the importance of effectively managing the transition between parents’ homes and ensuring healthy adjustments for children. She highlighted the role of educators, counselors and professionals in sharing knowledge and equipping parents to support their children through these transitions, which occur frequently during childhood.

Jay Daughtry expressed hope that by fostering understanding of the complex dynamics experienced by children and parents in these situations, attendees would be inspired to apply the tools provided in their respective roles, thereby making a positive difference in the lives of families.

Overall, the workshop served as a platform for exchanging insights, strategies and empathy, with the ultimate goal of promoting healthier childhoods and better outcomes for children of divorce.

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Additional County Update News – May 9, 2024