Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector Ensen Mason is pleased to present another riveting story of the many great county residents that have served in his position since 1853.

Walter D. Wagner was a member of the Native Sons of the Golden West, a fraternity organization dedicated to preserving California’s history. He was born and raised in San Bernardino, later married, and had four sons with his wife. 

After working in various roles, Wagner transitioned into public service in the Auditor’s office. He initially served as a deputy under Auditor George R. Holbrook (1892 – 1894) but was later placed in charge of the entire office by Auditor J.F.W. Diss (1895 – 1898). His successful management made him the clear choice as the next county auditor, and no other candidate challenged him for the position.

Wagner had a distinguished career in politics and was very involved in community organizations:

  • 1898 – 1908 – Auditor
  • 1906 – 1907 – Grand President of the Native Sons of the Golden West
  • 1908 – Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias of California
  • 1908 – Elected Secretary of the State Board of Railroad Commissioners
  • 1912 – Candidate for Secretary of State

Additional County Update News – May 9, 2024