San Bernardino County’s Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) contracts with five crisis residential treatment facilities to provide care for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis, most commonly for those struggling with psychosis or who may be at risk of becoming a danger to themselves or others. The Wellspring Crisis Residential Treatment Center located in Fontana is one of these key treatment facilities. The Center can serve up to 16 residents at a time and has staff on-site 24/7. The facility provides treatment to 100-120 residents during the year. In which, over 70% are experiencing homelessness or are homeless.  

Thanks to Assembly Majority Leader Emeritus Eloise Gómez Reyes, $2 million will fund the rehabilitation of the Wellspring Center. This will allow substantial improvements to be made to the building, which will enable our programs to continue to comply with licensing requirements.  

This project reflects the department’s commitment to ensuring that individuals in San Bernardino County receive the highest quality of care, especially in a residential environment that will serve as their home for up to 90 days while in this program. The efforts funded by this award will serve to enhance this environment and the services provided by this program. 

The main initiative of these improvements will be to replace all the residential appliances with commercial-grade appliances, intended for high-volume use. The appliances have heavy wear since the facility serves over a hundred residents each year. The funding will help replace items such as the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and microwave.  

This funding allocation will not only directly impact the client care provided by San Bernardino County but also demonstrates our administration’s support of behavioral health and our resident’s wellness. For more information regarding the Department of Behavioral Health services, please visit

Additional County Update News – September 22, 2023