The San Bernardino Preschool Services Department (PSD) offers comprehensive child development and family services to all enrolled children and families.  

Family and community are the most fundamental influences in the lives of children. Aside from educational needs, children also need supportive home environments combined with safe and stable communities to meet their maximum potential.  

Our programs incorporate state, health, nutritional, and other services to empower families.  

PSD collaborates with the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) to offer the LIFT program (Low-Income First-Time Mothers) to pregnant women, not just first-time mothers and new parents of infants. The program helps pregnant women with prenatal education and support to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy.  

The goal of this program is to support the creation of a strong bond between parent and child and provide the parent with ways to maximize the infant’s development and health. 

The Fatherhood FIRE (Family-Focused, Interconnected, Resilient, and Essential) program is a comprehensive program that promotes a healthy family relationship between fathers and their children through a series of evidenced-based practices that address healthy relationships, improve parenting skills, and increase economic stability. Fatherhood FIRE offers the availability of a Successful Pathways Apprenticeship Program, a certified high school education program, and participation in the Nurturing Fathers Program curriculum workshop.  

This program provides fathers with tools to assist them in breaking down barriers that they might encounter.  

For more information about our programs, call 1-888-KIDS-025. You can also visit our website at for information regarding programs, locations of sites in your community or to start the process of enrollment by using our electronic interest form. Enroll today! 

Additional County Update News – September 22, 2023

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